We continue distributing compost!

We continue distributing compost!

Compost produced by the project have been distributed for its application in urban farming activities in the Region of Murcia, thus contributing to reduce CO2 emissions and to improve soil structure.

Compost have been distributed to the following urban gardens and farm plots:

The orchard of the Rural Agrupado School formed by the districts of Avilés, El Consejero, Coy, La Parroquía, Zarcilla de Ramos and Zarzadilla de Totana, in which the students themselves have been responsible for applying compost to their orchard.

Test plots from the Agroforestry Experimentation Section of the University of Murcia (UMU).

Test plots of the urban gardens of Bullas Municipality.

In all of them, the compost will be applied in a control area in order to facilitate the monitoring activities by the project coordinator (Microgaia Biotech), which will assess plants growth and soil to evaluate the results obtained.