Dissemination and transfer of results at Bodegas Enguera

Dissemination and transfer of results at Bodegas Enguera

This week we have met Bodegas Enguera in order to transfer the solution proposed in the project to reduce CO2 emissions using a management system for vine shoots and obtaining organic compost.

During the visit, the management system and the improved composting method to obtain organic compost with biostimulant and biofertilizing properties for the crop were presented.

LIFE SARMIENTO offers support and technical advice to wineries, cooperatives and wine growers to carry out a pilot experience using the innovative composting of vine shoots.

In turn, Bodegas Enguera has a research space aimed at improving knowledge in organic viticulture and seeking strategies for adaptation and mitigation of climate change in Mediterranean viticulture, leaving the results of research available to producers. As part of these strategies, they have initiated a plan for bats conservation in the vineyard as an ally for the fight against the European grapevine moth and in 2018 they already developed an agro-composting project in cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Valencia financed with funds from the Plan of Rural Development of the Valencian Community (PDRCV).

To make the vineyard more sustainable, Enguera boosts biological control of pests and the reduction of phytosanitary treatments and they have introduced floral bands and islands of biodiversity to favour the natural enemies of the green mosquito, among others.