Soil Conservation Day

Soil Conservation Day

Every year on 7 July, Soil Conservation Day is celebrated in commemoration of Hugh Hammond Bennet, a researcher who succeeded in increasing land production by protecting it.

Nowadays, soil erosion is one of the biggest problems facing the world. Factors such as wind, rain, deforestation, misuse of mechanization and industrial farming techniques accelerate the erosion process. Due to such phenomena, some of the most superficial layers of the soil are uprooted and dragged from their original location causing the appearance of very little productive land.

The soil is a structure of vital importance because it is a source of life and food. In addition, it is substantial in combating climate change because, as in the case of oceans, soils can absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide, a fact that contributes to mitigating the impact of CO2 emissions on the planet.

Unfortunately, the soil is a non-renewable resource, so it is increasingly necessary that we become aware and make good use of this important resource.

From Life Sarmiento we contribute to improve the state of the soil, thanks to the application of compost generated from the remains of pruning of vineyards. This compost has biofertilizing and biostimulant properties for the crop and in turn helps to slow down soil degradation, improving its resilience and biodiversity.