Pruning management 2018

Pruning management 2018

During April, the collection and stockpiling of the vineshoots from the annual pruning is being carried out to start the new composting cycle.

The collection of the branches is the first activity that stablish the pruning management system in the vineyards of the project (collection, transport, storage and composting). The procedure follows the scheme already carried out the previous year: collection of the pruning which farmers have been gathering in areas of their plots, transport to the collection points, chopped and transport to the composting place located in the cellar of the cooperative El Rosario.

Management system improvements

Due to the experience gained during the first year of the project, some key aspects of the management have been improved, such as the optimization of the collection and transport of shoots, the grouping of collection points, the increase in their volume and the reduction of the number of points to minimize transportation.

On the other hand, this new pruning cycle incorporates approximately 147 ha more thanks to the entry of new vineyard plots into the project.

Once all the vine shoots have been collected, they will be cut up and transported to the processing plant, where the compost will be produced again and ready for 2019. In this way, the closure of the vineyard cycle is achieved, contributing to a local circular economy.