LIFE SARMIENTO visits the Urban Gardens of Bullas

LIFE SARMIENTO visits the Urban Gardens of Bullas

Yesterday we had the opprtunity to visit de Urban Gardens of Bullas Municipality, where we met with the users of the 14 plots which are currently been used and we could introduce the LIFE SARMIENTO Project.

Thanks to the visit we could know more about the operation of theses urban gardens and their management. Thus, the assignment of the municipal plots is done for a period of three years and is aimed at retirees, pensioners, associations or any person interested in this experience, once this period is over, the adjudications are made again.

Due to the premises of the Municipality, which establish the obligation to use organic fertilizers in the plots, compost from domestic organic waste, as well as from the garden itself and, in general, the use of traditional sustainable practices  and respectful with the environment, the urban gardens are ideal places to apply the organic substrate obtained in the project.


During the visits, the participation of the users of the urban gardens in the demonstration actions of the project was agreed, which will consits in the application in their gardens of the compost obtained after the first composting cycle of the Project.

At the next visit, the compost will be supplied for its application in the plots, just before the new sowing time. Then, the specific characteristics of the LIFE SARMIENTO compost, the protocol for its use and the monitoring process will be explained to the users of the orchards.