LIFE Sarmiento project begins

LIFE Sarmiento project begins

The DOP Bullas vineyards (Region of Murcia) innovates with more sustainable practices in the management of vine shots.

The LIFE Sarmiento project was created with the aim of minimizing CO2 emissions due to the burning of pruning waste, replacing its current waste management practices for others more beneficial to the climate.

In addition to being an innovative solution to this environmental problem, the initiative improves the soil conditions in arid zones through transforming the pruning remains into compost and its later incorporation into the soil as an organic improvement.

In this way a double task is performed. On one hand, the revaluation of these residues by transforming them into by-products, obtaining a quality compost with biostimulating properties. On the other hand, contributing to the stimulation of a Circular Economy that directly and positively will impact in the territory where the action is carried out.

The project is granted the European Union through the Environment and Climate Action Program (LIFE). The total budget is 835,020 euros. The companies Microgaia Biotech, Eurovértice and the cooperative Nuestra Señora del Rosario are participating in that initiative which will have a duration of four years (until the end of 2020).